Root Explorer, the One and Only, Receives Material Design Refresh

It’s been quite a while since we last mentioned Root Explorer, but back in the day, it was virutally the only file manager we used. Back when rooting and using custom ROMs was our thing, Root Explorer allowed us place files and transfer data to wherever we wanted on our phones, which is not the case on a non-rooted device.

With that said, the app has received a major update on Google Play, bringing a complete Material Design refresh with it. As you will see, the slide out menu has been added for quicker navigation, a floating action button has been placed, and the overall look is much cleaner than the previous UI.


This morning, the publishers of Root Explorer posted an update to the app through Google Play, bringing a few customization options for users. Starting with version 3.1.2, rooted Android 4.0+ device owners can select from three different preset themes, as well as apply third party custom icon packs. With this addition, you can make the app very personal feeling and keep to your device’s overall look. This update is clearly for the OCD person inside all of us.


An update has been pushed out to the aging Root Explorer app, an application that has been a rooter’s best friend since the original DROID days. With root access, the application can open any of your device’s system files, while also allowing for the editing and sharing of files within your device as well. It is a good app that worked exactly the way you needed it to.


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